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Here are a few short videos that were taken with the digital camera the Dyson's took with them on the journey. The images on the right are all links to the ful length video clips. There is no sound on any of the clips. Quicktime is required to view these video clips.

Attention: These files are rather large. Please note the download times vary depending on your Internet connection speed. Once the video has completely downloaded, it will begin to play. Use the controls directly below the video to rewind or play the video again.


Receiving Kirby

This is a short video clip of Kirby being handed to Temple for the first time on Gotcha Day!. Click on the image to load the page and watch the video clip. Quicktime is required to view these video clips.

Download Times: 8 Minutes 53 seconds @ 56Kb (Dialup), 58 seconds @ 128K (Slow DSL), 20 seconds @ 1.5 Mb (Fast DSL/Cable Modem).

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