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Nanchang to Shenzhen to Guangzhou

10:57 AM February 25, 2005 (Cheraw)
11:57 PM February 25, 2005 (Beijing)

February 25, 2005

Tonight will be a short post due to unforeseen exhaustion. Waking early to get to the passport office we finally wrapped things up in Nanchang by receiving our Kirby's first passport (Chinese) and we were now ready and able to leave the Jiangxi Province for Guangzhou; so we were back to the hotel to prepare our luggage and then catch our very short "one" hour flight from Nanchang to Guangzhou.

Well, ten hours later and we are just now settling into our hotel room, Kirby is bathed, bottled, and down, and Temple and I are ready to crash. We left the hotel at 2pm to catch our 4:20 flight that was to arrive here at 5:20; but due to very bad weather we were diverted mid flight to Shenzhen, China to wait out the weather. So we sat on the runway in Shenzhen for a few hours and then finally, around 8pm we were off to our final destination. Arriving safely, praise God, here; collecting our luggage; and an hour bus ride to the hotel; we are now at part 3 of or travel itinerary. By the way, Kirby did wonderfully and was just a joy the entire time; praise God for small miracles.

So after a very long afternoon we are here safe and sound in the very large and busy city of Guangzhou, China. Tomorrow the babies will go through a medical exam that is required for the U.S. adoption process; I don't think anything else is on the agenda tomorrow but I have been told the medical exam process can be long and drawn out with a lot of waiting at the doctor's office (sounds like the states). We will try to give you a better idea of our Guangzhou schedule tomorrow when it is made a bit clearer to us.

Leaving Jiangxi was bitter sweet today, you can imagine the rollercoaster of emotions we have experienced in this place; however, we are ready for Kirby to begin her new life in a new place far away from here where abundant love awaits in the form of you, our friends and family.

We miss you.

From Canton, goodnight.

Temple, Joel, and Kirby

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