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5:38 AM March 3, 2005 (Cheraw)

March 3, 2005

We last left you in Los Angeles awaiting our flight to Atlanta; well we are home now safe and sound and so thankful that God protected us and brought us back to the place and to the people that we love. We were brought to tears by just the sight of our boys, they were so good for our sore eyes, and we missed them so much. And seeing our family and friends waiting for us, or Kirby, at the airport was so wonderful; we felt so important and it is a memory we will have and Kirby will always be reminded of as she learns what a special body of loved ones we have in our fellowship.

I will tell you I am running down fast and am going to cut this post short. Jet lag, thirty-six hours or so of being awake, etc. I am just holding my eyes open with great strain. But I want to tell you just a few special things that happened today. We had another five hour layover in Atlanta but it really wasn't that bad because my oldest brother rearranged his travel schedule just to be at the airport in Atlanta so that his layover would correspond to ours; so, you guessed it, this morning early Kirby met the first of her many relatives. Then shortly after my oldest brother made his flight out we met my other brother and his family, who live outside Atlanta, at the baggage claim. This was a very special treat since we don't get to see my family all that often, so for Kirby to get to meet them was wonderful; and she loved every minute of it. Then we finally caught our return flight to Florence and were greeted with the nicest surprise of family and friends. Thank you all so much for going out of your way for us and to see Kirby, she will soon learn the true meaning of agape love and why it is the building block of all relationships. This is what we have experienced from you all; self-sacrificing love the breaks down all barriers and overcomes all obstacles.

Finally we are home, Kirby is adjusting to her new surroundings slowly and I will keep these posts going for a few more days to let you know how it is going if you are interested. But after that you are on your own to follow your own journey that God has prepared for you; keep your eyes sharp, your ears clear, and your heart open because he has one for you if you are ready for it. This happened to be ours and by his grace we were able to hear the call over our daily life of clutter and distractions. I will pray tonight for all of you reading this that you are in tune with God because he is ready to use you, now!

In Christ,

Temple, Joel, Jonah, Wesley, Bradford, & Kirby

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